Gender Based Violence Victims Assistance Program (GBV-VAP) is a Non-Governmental Organization whose main purpose is to help protect victims of gender-based violence from further abuse, provide them a shelter in their hour of need and help them development marketable skills that economically empower.

Our Background

In the year 2018, Our Founder, Miriam Otengo, then married and resident in Washington was subjected to a heartbreaking experience when she was severely beaten and gruesomely battered by the very person that held the responsibility of protecting and taking care of her. She narrowly escaped the house and was stuck in the streets of Washington until a kind friend of hers took her in and provided temporary accommodation to afford her the opportunity to get the much needed medical assistance as well as to recover after her ordeal.

It was this experience that fired up in her a deep passion and desire to avail the same kind of immediate assistance to women, children and men that are victims of gender based violence, a phenomenon that many societies in Uganda battle with. This incident led to her and her husband a diplomat being deported from the United States to Uganda, this greatly affected her economically since while a broad she had been working and earning a living. Under this circumstances she ponder on how Women, Men and Children who were less fortunate than her dealt with such events in their lives after such a traumatic experience of being abused by a loved one.

This was when she decided to do something about it and thus the humble beginning of Gender Based Violence Victims Assistance Program (GBV-VAP).

Purpose.Vision. Mission.


To provide immediate assistance to victims of gender based violence.


To provide a safe and secure transition place for GBV victims who come through our doors and leave economically empowered.


To enable victims of GBV recover and rebuild their lives better through economic empowerment, providing a safe haven and counseling.

Our Team

Ms. Miriam Pheona Otengo


Mr. Ongom Daniel Azik


Ms. Sarah Ogweng

Head Counseling and Rehabilitation

Ms. Akullo Betty

Director Vocational Training and Institution Management